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ShareHub Week 1 Updates

ShareHub Official - Mar 2, 2021

Hey everyone - Abhinav here. This has been quite an exiting week!


Since going live with our MVP, we have made a huge variety of improvements in terms of features and performance. Launches are always somewhat rough, and much coffee was spilled trying to fix last-minute bugs and fix issues for our early users (you guys rock!!).



   - It is now possible to login with Twitter
   - You can now upload images into posts! Check out a sample here
   - You can now embed videos in posts! Check out a sample here
   - Our layout has matured and is now fully responsive for desktop/mobile devices
   - Fixed a wide variety of bugs and performance issues


Coming Soon:

   - Enable the option to like and share posts
   - Gif support for posts
   - Show off all your social media accounts on your profile page
   - Refine responsive layout for tablet devices


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ShareHub Official

Live long and prosper.